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The Science Behind M.A.P.S

Become Resilient to Stress

Seven Million Americans go through chronic stress once a year. A recently published article in Scientific American provides numerous references that breathing techniques improve health by significantly reducing anxiety and insomnia.

In another recent study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, researchers found that a three-month yoga retreat reduced inflammation and stress in the body. Participants did two hours of sitting meditation, one to two hours of moving practice, and one hour of chanting daily.

Build Better Relationships

A study by researchers from Harvard and Northeastern Universities found that after just eight weeks of meditation people went out of their way to help others in need 50% of the time when compared to 16% in a control group of non-meditators. Head researcher Dr. DeSteno remarked “The truly surprising aspect of this finding is that meditation made people willing to act virtuous – to help another who was suffering – even in the face of a norm not to do so.”


Get Gray Matter

Researchers from Harvard Medical School keen on understanding the neuro-psychological processes behind meditation analyzed the gray matter concentration in the brains of mindful breathing practitioners. They found that an eight week mindful breathing course enhanced the concentration of helpful gray matter in regions involving learning, memory processing, and emotion regulation.

No More Unhealthy Aging

A study by researchers from University of California at Santa Barbara suggests that mind–body practices can target different brain systems that are involved in the regulation of attention, emotional control, mood, and executive cognition that can be used to treat or prevent mood and cognitive disorders of aging, such as depression and caregiver stress, or serve as “brain fitness” exercise.


Sleep Like a Baby

A new study by Harvard Medical School indicates that simple yoga postures can help to improve sleep among people suffering from chronic insomnia. Researchers investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep for people with insomnia and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity. 

Do More at Work

Researchers from London Business School found that servant-leaders have the humility, courage, and insight to admit that they can benefit from the expertise of others who have less power than them. They actively seek the ideas and unique contributions of the employees that they serve. This is how servant leaders create a culture of learning, and an atmosphere that encourages followers to become the very best they can.

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