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We bring the wellness trailer in your campus and offer 15 minutes of mindfulness to your employees/members.

Intelligence Quotient
Increased 50%
Relieved 73%
Improved 91%

Mantra Meditation

Attentive Breathing

Impact with Integrity

Service Based Communication

Posture for Focus


Devin O' Rourke

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from NC State. Teaching meditation for more than 10 years, Devin is an entrepreneur and founder of several non-profit organizations to help make people’s lives better. He is a professional life coach, motivational speaker and author of 37 Pages to Your Last Cigarette. He enjoys farming, cooking, and fixing cars.

Joshua Hallows

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Truman State University. Practiced and taught self-development courses in South Korea, India, and U.S since 2006. Teaches sustainable indoor agriculture and composting. Enjoys writing and directing plays, baking, and diving.

Urvashi Sharma

Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Michigan. She organizes yoga and meditation events throughout the state of Michigan and Illinois. She enjoys playing flute, drawing, and volunteering in her homeland of Botswana.

Mohammad Firouz

PhD of Management from University of Alabama. He is a research scientist helping to make better cars for people, the environment, and companies. He is the founder and director of an environmental non-profit in Iran. He enjoys growing food, making bread, woodwork.

Sidharth Chhabra

Master’s in Information Science from University of Michigan. Organizing the mass distribution of educational media in multiple languages since 2013. Growing up in India, he studies and teaches traditional yoga systems. He is proficient in several programing languages, and enjoys making websites.


Seven years ago a group of us came together in Ann Arbor, Michigan to share and practice wellness techniques regularly. As we continued to practice, the effects were unbelievable. We noticed dramatic improvements in our work productivity , personal relationships, sleep, focus, and creativity.

Over the years the group has grown, and our process has become simple and refined. We found that most people are interested in wellness techniques, but don’t feel that they have the time to access it, the space to do it, or know how to do it. So, we started reaching out to organizations and individuals, and bringing the wisdom to them. This way, many people are benefiting from a regular practice, which they otherwise would not have access to. With our mobile workshops we want to create wellness spaces for everyone to reap the benefits of a structured wellness practice.


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Science Supports Us

Resilient To Stress

7 Million Americans go through chronic stress once a year. Georgetown researchers proved that meditators handle stress better physically. The meditators were found to have lower levels of stress hormones and inflammatory proteins after they were exposed to stressful situations.

Better Relationships

A study found that after just eight weeks of meditation, people went out of their way to help others in need a 50% of the time, compared to 16% in a control group. “The truly surprising aspect of this finding is that meditation made people willing to act virtuous – to help another who was suffering – even in the face of a norm not to do so,” Dr. DeSteno, the researcher, said, “The fact that the other actors were ignoring the pain creates as ‘bystander-effect’ that normally tends to reduce helping”.

Get Gray Matter

Researchers keen on understanding the neuro-psychological processes behind the meditation, analyzed the gray matter concentration in the brains of meditators. They found that a 8 week meditation course enhanced the concentration in the regions involved in learning and memory processes and emotion regulation etc. Human brain has the capacity for plasticity and the structure can be modified by right training.

No More Aging

We struggle to be attentive and keep brain young as the bodies grow old. In an extensive longitudinal study, the researchers found that meditation not only leads to better focus and sustained attention. It could also prevent age-related mental decline. They observed meditation-retreat participants for over 7 years. They noticed that those who kept meditating, they kept reaping cognitive benefits year after year.

Sleep like a baby

1 in 3 US citizens face difficulty in sleeping atleast 3 days a week! This sleep deprivation not only affects night time but day time productive/emotional health too. Mindfulness based initiatives have been found to help people sleep better. In a the several studies, across diverse groups, meditation has been found to help the insomnia patients significantly with improved sleep after participating in a brief ( or long) mindfulness training program. Good sleep implies happier families/workers.

Fix the Genes

A new study indicates that people who meditated over an eight-week period had a striking change in the expression of 172 genes that regulate inflammation, circadian rhythms and glucose metabolism. And that, in turn, was linked to a meaningful decrease in their blood pressure. Around the same time, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association expanded the definition of high blood pressure, raising the number of people considered hypertensive from 72 million to 103 million — nearly half of all adults.

Beat the heat

Researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) have found neural evidence that mindfulness helps to control negative feelings, not just in people who are naturally disposed to be mindful or well-practiced in meditation, but in anyone. Brief mindfulness meditation, but not deliberate engagement in state mindfulness, produces demonstrable changes in emotional processing indicative of reduced emotional reactivity.

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